BEST SOLUTIONS – Convertible furniture: a 28 sqm studio apartment

How wonderful would it be to live in a clutter-free studio apartment, where you can eat, sleep, work and entertain your friends! Here, as they say, there’s a hidden trick. For StudioWok, the architecture practice who oversaw the refurbishment of this tiny attic in Milan, this project was an authentic design challenge. And these 28 sqm were successfully turned into a cosy apartment.

The studio apartment as it looks when all the convertible furniture is folded away. Opposite the balcony, floor-to-ceiling glazing opens the space up as much as possible. White floor and ceiling reflect light; this creates a bright space.
The foldable bed is hidden between the bathroom and kitchen doors (left-hand side image). Opposite, underneath cupboards, there’s a pull-out sofa-bed on castors. On the right, you can catch a glimpse of the entrance door.

The designers grouped the utilities (bathroom and kitchen) on one side; this frees up floor space for mobile furniture. Here, side walls clad in Batipin, pine plywood panels, are effectively “active” components. They conceal all the furniture, be it mobile or fixed: a foldable double bed, a sofa-bed on castors, bathroom and kitchen sliding doors, cupboard and air conditioning unit. 

Taken from the entrance, this image shows the studio apartment in the morning with the foldable double bed and the table laid for breakfast.
During lunchtime, the bed is folded away making room for the table. And in turn, the table makes room for the sofa-bed.

Perfectly suited to its young owner, this convertible studio apartment is both urban and dynamic, also designed keeping an eye on the overall cost. Bespoke furniture is combined with pieces from Ikea as well as a few sought-after finds. Flexibility is the keyword here, an apartment which instantly changes look, going from stark meditation room to bright living room for parties with friends. A little goes a long way!

Design project

Renovation of a studio apartment

Location: Milan, Italy

Interior design project and furniture sourcing:  
studio wok
Via Raffaele Parravicini 16, Milan, Italy
Tel: 0039 02 84076662

Building contractor: 
Edil 2000 snc
Bespoke furniture: Arredo 90 srl
Windows and doors: 
Fratelli Rusconi snc

Courtesy studio wok
Copyright Federico Villa

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