A dialogue between past and present in a period property in Piacenza

Modern and in love with period aesthetics, this dynamic 40-year-old couple and their teenage daughter, who moved from the outskirts to the old town centre of Piacenza, northern Italy, couldn’t have found a more befitting home. Their current and indeed last property, since the husband retired from premier league football, is the perfect backdrop for people who, just like them, love at the same time modern design and antiques

The extraordinary period ceiling of the apartment, purposely lit. In the living room, sofas and chairs designed by Le Corbusier, Collezione I Maestri by Cassina. Right-hand side, a more secluded corner of the living room with the Moon chandelier by Davide Groppi.

The couple’s new apartment is in a building of historical value. Extensive renovation brought the property back to its original splendor, starting from the mesmerizing stuccowork on the vaulted ceiling, which makes this space captivating. The choice of furniture is a dialogue between traditional antiques and classic modern style. With grace and a light hand, the experts from Faraboli Arredamenti, called to design the interiors, have added a few, but refined pieces of furniture selected from the icons of modern design. 

In the living room, two doorways lead to kitchen with adjoining dining room. Light flooring in a natural tone, enhances the furniture and the collection of modern paintings, which harmonize with the period ceiling perfectly.

Terrazzo marble is used consistently around the home and its tiny faintly coloured stones make the space feel bright and welcoming. Made following traditional techniques, but the colour adds a distinct modern and dynamic vibe. In the evening, designer lights by Davide Groppi, who has overseen the entire lighting project, create a rarefied mood, which fills the home with lunar light, altering space perception.

Left-hand side, the dining room with an elegant and refined contrast between minimalist furniture and period surroundings. Naan table designed by Piero Lissoni for Cassina. Right-hand side, the welcoming master bedroom with the Aurora Due bed by Poltrona Frau.

This couple’s love for iconic modern designers and antiques is not at all unusual: classic beauty is present in any historical period. The skill lies in creating an evocative dialogue, where every component has the right influence to create a perfect balance between past and present, just like this mesmerizing project. 


Design project

Renovation and interior design of a period property in the city 

Location: Piacenza, Italy

Interior design:  
Faraboli Arredamenti
Via Santa Maria, 7
Castellina di Soragna (PR), Italy
Tel: 00 49 0524 598003
Email: info@faraboli.it
Showroom Parma:
Via Garibaldi 35/a, Italy
Tel: 00 49 0521 236806

Lighting design: 
Davide Groppi


Courtesy Faraboli Arredamenti 

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