Windy by Zalf, the light and chic walk-in closet

Modular, flexible and distinctly refined, the Windy walk-in closet by Zalf goes for formal rigor and stylistic levity to create a space with volumes which almost float in mid-air and take up every centimeter with elegant functionality.

The structure, which is made up of a system of ceiling or wall poles, can be custom organized and set up in any space, including attics. And it can be freely equipped with shelves, drawers, pull-out trays, and closed and open containers (the modules of the Alterna wardrobe system are perfectly compatible with Windy). Plus, there are lateral LED lights (installed on the sides of the pillars) which illuminate all of the surfaces and the clothes racks. The key concept here is made-to-measure practicality which does not give up on style.

The Windy walk-in closet combines quality materials and finishes—from burnished poles to pumice shelves, pull-out trays with glass fronts—in order to interpret a metropolitan mood with a striking and glamorous look which turns the closet into a new piece of décor. It is to be kept in sight to create divider walls, close off the bedroom, furnish the entrance, or even create alternative bookcases in the living room.



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