Victoria by Flou, the side table at your service

An oval top and an offset leg might seem like two simple details; however, in reality, they are emblems of functionality. This minimalist table is the ideal companion for the sofa or bed as it is a practical and adjustable countertop for working or eating comfortably.


  • What it is Victoria by Flou, the oval side table.
  • What makes it special It has a minimalist form which is softened by its lack of corners and the raised edge which frames part of its top. First and foremost, however, it offers immediate practicality which makes it the do-it-all piece par excellence. Thanks to its offset leg, it is perfect for being placed next to the sofa or bed for eating or working.
  • How it is made It is a metal side table in various finishes: anodic bronze, white, matt burnished, black, greige, magma and ocean. The oval top has a small raised edge which blocks off part of the perimeter, while the painted wooden base can have two central legs or a single offset one for moving it to the bed or sofa.
  • Whose idea it is Emanuela Garbin, the Seregno-based Italian designer who has designed various successful products for Flou. Clean lines, a soft touch, and natural colors characterize the designer’s style, which focuses on discrete and timeless elegance and that immediate practicality which makes each of her designs a classic.
  • We chose it because… Simple, practical and ready to satisfy our movements and simplify our daily routine, this side table is a piece of service furniture, and that’s why we like it. It fits perfectly next to the bed or sofa, allowing us to work on the computer while supporting our coffee and keeps everything nearby. Basically, it is ready to serve us, and does so with discrete elegance.



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