Tube Chair by Cappellini, the iconic chaise-longue by Joe Colombo

Iconic, modular, versatile and can be personalised to suit individual needs. So, what are we referring to? Tube Chair, of course! Tube Chairs is the iconic chaise-longue designed in 1969 by Joe Colombo and it has made a comeback. What’s more, its recent restyling has turned this iconic destructured design into an extremely cutting edge piece.


  • What is it? Tube Chair by Cappellini is an iconic destructured chaise-longue.
  • What is special about it? Almost 50 years old (the original design dates from 1969), Tube Chair has made contemporary design history, also part of the permanent collection of La Triennale di Milano. However, Tube Chair is still extremely young and fresh, perfectly in tune with the times we live in. First of all, because it’s exceedingly comfy, and secondly because it’s a true space-saver: take apart all components and fit them one inside the other.
  • How is it made? Tube Chair is made of three main components, each component is hollowed using rotational moulding technology. New generation manufacturing techniques have kept intact the essence of the original design: metal hooks connect each component together and can also be swapped over to suit different needs (backrest and seat have exactly the same shape). Tube Chair is upholstered in either leather or a bi-stretch fabric available in the following Cappellini colours: black, white, yellow, turquoise or orange.
  • Who is it by? During the sixties, with his unique sense of irony and futuristic vision, Italian designer Joe Colombo (1930-1971) revolutionized the world of product design. Joe Colombo’s wanted to design a complete environment, which would suit people’s daily needs. However, even if his vision remained unfulfilled, his designs push conventional boundaries and throughout the years, have become icons in their own right.
  • We have chosen it because… Tube Chair has reassuring futuristic aesthetics, which also evoke a sense of freedom and evoke the freshness of pop-art. What’s more, Tube Chair is extremely functional: you can take it apart and fit each component inside the other; this makes it suitable for either the smallest of studios or a large holiday home.