Thierry by Kartell, the jewel-like side table

This is how we like our living table: bright colors, a glossy texture, rounded forms, a bold personality and strong colors which immediately create a joyous atmosphere.


  • What it is Thierry by Kartell, the colorful glass table.
  • What makes it special It has a glass top, a metal leg and a look which combines bright and glossy colors which recall precious jewels. Thus, a “simple” square, oval or rounded table becomes the highlight of the living room.
  • How it is made Each table has a glass top and a metal leg, both of which have bright colors which recall precious jewels. Three or four colors can be combined on the same table.
  • Whose idea it is Piero Lissoni, the Italian architect, designer and art director who is recognized as one of the masters of contemporary design. A master of rigor and lightness, his style is based on consistency in design. He starts from a simple model and, from time to time, adds “some errors”. As he says “at times, this generates a more elegant kind of language,”. Herein lies his uniqueness.
  • We chose it because… It has delicate and minimal lines, yet instantly brightens up any space. All it takes is a side table like this to change the living room’s look and give it style.



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