Supreme Chef by Whirlpool, the microwave oven as good as a real chef

Have you always dreamt of being able to cook haute-cuisine in a split second? Supreme Chef by Whirlpool, the latest microwave to join the W Collection, is here to give you a helping hand. Supreme Chef by Whirlpool has 60 memorized recipes, 5 cooking programmes and 6° Sense technology. You can use Supreme Chef for conventional cooking, however it’s also fitted with special cooking programmes that include anything from frying to steaming. 

Whirlpool, microwave oven Supreme Chef
Whirlpool, Supreme Chef
  • What is it? Supreme Chef is the new microwave oven by Whirlpool.
  • What is special about it? Supreme Chef by Whirlpool has 60 memorised recipes and 5 cooking programmes that cover pretty much anything, including frying (without oil), steaming and it can even be used to make yogurt. Plus, Supreme Chef emits twice as many microwaves than a standard oven, and because of this it cooks everything evenly and to perfection.
  • How is it made? Supreme Chef includes the innovative Dual Power Technology that emits microwaves from two different sources, which cooks everything evenly and to perfection. Plus, Supreme Chef has a “brain” with 60 memorised recipes, 5 cooking programmes and 6° Sense technology that turns cooking into a quick and simple process. Finally, the LED display will help you choose the right recipe and guide you on the correct way to cook each dish. The cooking programmes include steaming (that allows you to cook two dishes at the same time), oil-less frying and there’s even a programme to make homemade yogurt. Supreme Chef has a 33 litre capacity.
  • We have chosen it because? The American multinational Whirlpool is a worldwide leader in the field of domestic appliances. Established in 1950, the Whirlpool group now includes a variety of different brands that comply with the same principle: superior design combined with innovative technology result in highly efficient products that are also extremely easy to use.
  • We have chosen it because… Supreme Chef brings together all the features of a traditional oven, a microwave oven and small appliances for cooking food in special ways. With Supreme Chef, you’ll become a professional chef in no time. 
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