Smart and sustainable: the bathtub of the future

The bathroom is becoming more and more of a sought-after and refined space where we can take a break from the stress of everyday life and calmly and guiltlessly take care of ourselves. So why not go big with an intelligent bathtub which tends to us as if we were at a spa? This new bathroom concept comes courtesy of Ulrika Conca, a student from the Accademia Italiana who, together with the Italian bathroom design company Forma Aquae, has created the revolutionary U bathtub.

Part of a line of smart furniture, this next-generation bathtub is not only capable of creating a new idea of a domestic spa, but also considers the environment by reducing energy use and optimizing space. How? Well, for starters it is a “two-in-one” bathtub as it acts as a washbasin, reducing clutter to a minimum and offering a holistic wellness experience for those with a mini-bathroom or those dreaming of an unexpected spa area. Thanks to its particular egg-shaped form it can transform depending on what it is needed for: a small yet comfortable bathtub or a larger washbasin fit for all. Designed in a wall, corner or freestanding version, U can also be placed in any space, even the bedroom.

All of this obviously comes with the luxury of wellness treatments: from hydromassage to chromotherapy and aromatherapy. In addition to the LED light outside the tub, the U model has internal spotlights, air-pool jets located on the bottom and sides, an essential oil dispenser and an ultrasound vaporizer. Lastly, there is a tank of liquid sanitizer for its self-cleaning.

This exclusive luxury is also sustainable thanks to the bathtub’s special app which can calculate the quantity of water for use, control the temperature, set the aromatherapy and chromotherapy sessions, control sounds and lights, vaporize the essential oils and start the self-cleaning. Easy to use and remotely controlled, it turns energy savings into fun for the entire family.

Without a doubt, Ulrike Conca has provided us with a vision of a unique and innovative bathroom, which also includes other smart furniture: the container-stool with a built-in scale which measures lean and body fat, the smartphone app which records our age, metabolism and motor activity, and the mirror with a touchscreen which accesses online content and helps us look good.

It turns our old bathroom into a sensorial experience that instantly makes us feel good.



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