Rito by Désirée, the new curve of relaxation

Asoft curve is an explicit invitation to relax. If it then gets joined by sophisticated leather and metal, it becomes emblematic of “comfy” aesthetics. This chair is the must-have of 2021 as it brings the essence of pure comfort to the refined and contemporary aesthetics of urban style.


  • What it is Rito by Désirée, the new lounge chair.
  • What make it special It is a true concentration of comfort. Monolithic yet dynamic and light, it transforms any space into a haven of relaxation where one can indulge in brief or extended timeouts.
  • How it is made It has a large and soft seat, inclined backrest and a light, bronze-colored metallic tubular base. The result is a chair with an enveloping look that calls one to a more informal kind of relaxation. Available in various colors, in leather and fabric, the removable cover is padded with feathers and polyurethane and supported by a slatted system.
  • Whose idea it is Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez, the designers who have developed architectural, interior design, styling and product design projects for MTD-R studio since 2003 (with particular attention given to the Asian market). Simplified forms, warm and natural materials, and a meticulous study of technology get translated in their works into minimalist designs with unvarnished functionality, ones capable of improving home design day by day.
  • We chose it because…It has an innate and sophisticated elegance that immediately gives style to any corner of the home. And yet it also is a more informal and direct invitation to relax, so we can properly pamper ourselves without ever feeling guilty.




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