Recyclable and tailormade: the perfect wardrobe

Lema introduced it for the first time in the 1980s and established itself as the sector leader on the national market. Since then its tailor-made wardrobe system has come a long way. In fact, Armadio al Centimetro has become a symbol of the new way of conceiving of furniture and has opened the doors towards a new custom-made style. And the company’s approach of proposing tomorrow’s solutions has not slowed down. Indeed, an evolution in the Armadio al Centimetro is bringing us once again towards new horizons with an innovative combination of technology and sustainability.

The most important new features are the frame sides with which Lema has technologically reinterpreted the design of wardrobes, while the choice of 100% recyclable materials opens the doors to the green revolution. The new Armadio al Centimetro is made up of a set of aluminum frames, an interior and exterior one, which are available in two finishes: bronze and sand. The external back is closed by a glass panel (in place of the classic melamine back panel) in three transparent finishes: extra-light transparent glass, reflecting bronzed glass and gray smoked glass. The façade can be chosen with any type of hinged door with a 180° Dandy hinge, which is another addition compared to the original project. Lastly, you can have frame sides in the Open version, which is without doors and with LED lights inserted on the vertical poles and shelves.

All it takes is one look to understand that functionality and innovation go hand and hand with sophisticated style. Armadio al Centimetro opens a dialogue between storage furniture and a new concept of domestic architecture: contemporaneity without spatial limits. Uniting the industrialization of production processes and attention-to-detail is the modus operandi of Lema, who has made compositional flexibility, modularity and customization of furniture its keys to achieving the highest quality.

This is system is the perfect example of this. With its countless variables, it offers greater versatility and allows fort the creation of a wardrobe that responds (to the centimeter) to our tastes and needs with no limits in quality.



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