Pumo by Kartell, the good-luck-charm container

In Apulia, the pumo is an indispensable object that acts as both a decoration and, especially, a good omen. So why not put one under the tree this year? Traditionally only given as a gift, it immediately brings good luck (and in this case, also some sweets).


  • What it is Pumo by Kartell, the new good-luck-charm container.
  • What makes it special It calls back to the Apulian tradition of the classic Pumo, an object of good omen. It is the perfect gift this Christmas because it becomes a useful container that can also be used as a centerpiece to serve sweets and bonbon.
  • How it is made It is a container with a cover that recalls the classic form of the Salentine pumo. Made in a thermoplastic technopolymer, it is available in various two-tone versions: brick and amber, smoke and black, blue and sky blue, or white and transparent.
  • Whose idea it is Fabio Novembre, the Apulian architect and designer born in 1966. A multi-talented Pop visionary, Novembre is a designer capable of interpreting contemporary desires and moving towards the public’s taste with delightful creations, which are at times irreverent, evocative and full of meaning.
  • We chose it because…  The age-old Apulian tradition of the pumo has always been considered a true good luck charm, as long as it is given as gift. And what better occasion than this unusual Christmas to put a truly special surprise under the tree? Especially in this new decorative, superstitious and practical version.



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