Meet Table Supersalone Limited Edition by LAGO, the aesthetics of balance in a table

With LAGO’s trademark clean and striking graphics, a sophisticated texture and the impression that it somehow floats in space, this table won us over at first glance. Here it is in a limited edition to offer us an off-limits feeling of conviviality.


  • What it is Meet Table Supersalone Limited Edition by Lago, the new limited-edition table.
  • What makes it special It just takes one look to understand that its elegance is defined by its character, architectonic balance and apparent simplicity. This table, which strictly comes in a Limited Edition, plays with a few lines and minimalist graphics which, when combined with a few special details, give it a distinctive personality.
  • How it is made Its top comes in special polished XGlass enhanced by elegant marble textures and a Peltro steel base made up of two sculptural and sinuous elements. It is a minimalist and elegant table that plays with lightness and bold geometric volumes which are capable, in a single contact point, of creating impeccable balance. It is available in two lengths of 220 cm and 250 cm.
  • Whose idea it is Daniele Lago, born 1972, is the Chief Executive Officer and Head of Design at LAGO. Her philosophy? Believing in the central importance of the person and in design culture in order to create furniture which is capable of communicating with the space and people. The genetic code of her pieces includes modularity, color, contrasts and mimesis in order to respond to the tastes and needs of everyone. It is a new language of design with ever-increasing creative potential which has brought the brand from being a simple family company to a point of reference in the contemporary design world.
  • We chose it because… When you see it, you can tell that it is a dynamic and light object which is almost suspended in time and space. It offers both bold and ethereal beauty because its innate elegance is emboldened by the aesthetic canon (formal purity) and geometric rigor that creates a sinuous, sophisticated and bold tension. It’s useless to deny that it captures your gaze without needing to make a fuss.



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