Lud’o Lounge by Cappellini, relaxation you can wear

The contemporary and visionary brand Cappellini surprises us once again with an unexpected project that transcends the boundaries of design and creates a new and fashionable way of living. Lud’o Lounge, the new armchair designed by Patricia Urquiola, is a piece of décor that strips itself of tradition in order to turn into a fashionable homage to Vico Magistretti and celebrate 100 years of the master of Italian design. It is a transformational and revolutionary armchair, a hybrid of décor that mixes fashion and design and recreates the enveloping comfort of a tailored jacket. And, most of all, it is a conceptual and ethical project whose pride and joy is recycling.


  • What it is Lud’o Lounge by Cappellini the new recycled and “fashionable” armchair.
  • What makes it special It is a recycled and recyclable armchair that is enveloping like outerwear (think a winter coat); or rather, it is truly a tailormade piece of clothing to be “worn” and changed when we want to ensure ourselves maximum comfort with a touch of style. “With a simple wardrobe change, Lud’o Lounge reveals itself in a different image time after time. We are not speaking about classic removable upholstery, but rather a wearable object characterized by comfort that represents an important chapter in the evolution of the concept of the contemporary seating”, remarked Giulio Cappellini, talent scout and the brand’s creative soul.
  • How it is made Its supporting structure is made from a recycled plastic material, and it is upholstered with soft clothing that can be changed just like an outfit, depending on the season or occasion. Every part is completely recycled and recyclable: from the large aluminum swivel base to the plastic frame, the upholstery and the padding in Tecnofill wadding or acrylic eco-fiber. The extremely soft padding comes from recycled raw materials and extremely light natural fibers, among which there is a vegetable wool that comes from the processing of stems and pods of the Calotropis, a plant commonly considered a weed. In addition to the version with a cone base, it is also available with four spokes and four legs in natural or stained wood, while the upholstery can be corduroy, sport nylon or wool bouclé.
  • Whose idea it is Patricia Urquiola, the Spanish architect and designer living in Milan who has collaborated with the great masters of design and creates works for the sector’s most important international brands. Determined, curious and extremely talented, Patricia characterizes her projects with the contagious exuberance and poetic touch that exude a passion for beauty, care for the environment and the desire to give emotions. “The idea was for the chair to give extreme comfort and softness and for it to able to be transformed over and over. In this way a piece of décor was born that could live multiple lives. It is an everyday object that perfectly holds up our sustainable pact with the environment.”
  • We chose it because…Fashionable, sensual, enveloping and full of personality, this armchair is the star of the home. Because it is not simply a beautiful armchair, but rather a real and true concept of new home design. All it takes is changing its outfit to sink into the armchair as if we were wrapped in our favorite outerwear and experience the home with an ever-changing mood, going with ease from street style to the latest trends and then to classic and timeless elegance.


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