Les Arcs by Unopiù, the new details of outdoor style

With a distinct taste for comfort, meticulous care for details, and a penchant for modularity, Unopiù once again is proposing us with perfect Italian style made for the outdoors with new modular pieces in 2022 which get added to the romantic and contemporary Les Arcs collection.


  • What it is Les Arcs by Unopiù, the expansion of the outdoor collection.
  • What makes it special Designed in collaboration with Meneghello Paolelli Associati, the latest furniture proposals completely focus on flexibility in order to practically respond to the needs of taste and style. After the seating (the chair and bench) and painted-aluminum round tables that recaptured the design of the original Les Arcs pieces from 2014, but with a more industrial take, now it is the turn of the single armchair, sectional sofas and two low tables, which are can be paired with one another to create endless compositions.
  • How it is made It is a contemporary and romantic collection which has added new pieces (an armchair, sectional sofas and two low tables) in order to offer greater compositional opportunities. The original project in 2014, which focused on natural materials and woven rope covering the backrests, has been expanded with new materials and colors, and also designed for the contract sector. The new releases mix contemporary style with a romantic allure, playing with sinuous lines and lighter materials like aluminum (a recyclable, efficient and versatile material) and allowing for the greatest compositional freedom in terms of form and color. Each piece is available in white, graphite, red, olive green, antique pink, dove grey, and matte air force blue.
  • Whose idea it is Meneghello Paolelli Associati, the design studio of Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli, both born in 1979 and graduated from the Politecnico of Milano. The two product designers, who love to define themselves as “strategic consultants for industrial products”, founded their studio in 2007 and since then have collaborated with various Italian and foreign companies by focusing on “lateral thinking”. This is a type of unconventional design which often gathers aesthetic insights and design solutions through the inspiration of different sectors which are completely outside of design in a strict sense.
  • We chose it because… The new pieces of this contemporary collection add an extra touch of style by focusing on a charming allure, new and sustainable materials and a color palette which matches more classic shades (like dove grey, white or graphite) with more particular ones like olive green, red and antique pink. All this adds up to a trendy outdoor style which can be freely customized.



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