Leon by Euromobil, innovation in the kitchen

Innovation, style and functionality are the three key words that illustrate the convivial kitchen. With a unique, avant-garde aesthetic, Leon by Euromobil combines simplicity and timeless elegance.


  • What is it Leon by Euromobil, a kitchen with innovative functionality.
  • What is special Its precision and presence are a direct reference to the world of haute-couture, additionally emphasised by a meticulous attention to detail. Besides, it hides a futuristic soul that focuses on instant, tangible functionality, extraordinary too.
  • How is it made This kitchen has a pure line, tangible functionality, an innovative soul and a refined style created by a meticulous attention to detail. The union of several door types, whether they are aligned or wall-mounted, creates a continuous 12 mm-thick grid. Besides, the kitchen’s silent components reveal innovative systems such as: Kabin, a cabin kitchen that has sliding doors, exposed guides and a floor-to-ceiling handle with an incorporated led light; Ambrogio, a wall-mounted cabinet with a motorised roller blind and a backlit backrest.
  • Who is it by From Treviso, northeast Italy, the architect Roberto Gobbo began his career as an artist, entering several painting competition. Painter, director (he has directed several documentaries on art and architecture), architect and industrial designer, as well as a curator of exhibitions and events, Roberto is an eclectic personality who enjoys combining style and function with an eye towards innovation and the various aspects of conviviality.
  • We have chosen it because… Leon by Euromobil is the archetypal contemporary kitchen that with its beauty and technology projects you to the future. In fact, its extreme functionality responds perfectly to our everyday lives, an avant-garde style that is going to be relevant in the future too as well as an innovative soul that interprets the new conviviality.



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