Heritage Perspective by Maxalto, celebrating design

A 25-year-old design process gets rethought in detail in order to describe and create an entire idea of an environment. The new collection designed by Antonio Citterio for Maxalto in 2021 presents itself with warm tones, light aesthetics, and Déco harmony. The designer describes it as, “An imaginary theatrical scene of a bourgeois environment, of French inspiration…in order to combine aesthetic and functional pleasure”.

Heritage Perspective by Maxalto, the complete furniture collection redesigned for 2021, lets the furniture and objects speak for themselves as they introduce us to the concept of contemporary furniture in harmonious and discrete balance. The dialogue among them follows the common thread of timeless elegance. The stylistic code, which has been renewed in color and proportion, is consistent with the original design: chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, beds, containers are simultaneously functional objects and “rooms” of an ideal home, designed with knowhow and taste.

Maxalto once again goes for a non-aggressive, yet sophisticated look which perfectly represents the peculiarities of the brand: longstanding artisanal tradition, the ability to intuit the evolutions in home design, and the desire to be ahead of the times all come together to form a timeless style.

Heritage Perspective is a universe of cohesive and uniform proposals which have been renewed over time without being passed over by trends. It creates original designs capable of evolving and bringing the charm of the past along with them

The images of the 2021 ad campaign, curated by Studio Juma, provide us with a clear vision of it—in particular, the precious book/catalog which encapsulates the entire collection to celebrate its identity.

Providing us with, as expected, yet another ode to style.




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