Graceful comfort outdoors

Talenti has once again interpreted outdoor life with style capable of being discrete and timeless. They have introduced a modular sofa, the essence of pure comfort, that freely envelops, embraces and entertains us.


  • What it is Slam by Talenti, the new modular outdoor sofa.
  • What makes it special With a pouf, daybed and a sofa, there are a few elements you can freely organize to create your own ideal space for relaxation. This system’s secret lies in simplicity that is able to be versatile, elegant and enveloping at the same time.
  • How it is made It is a modular sofa designed to create a custom outdoor living space. Made up of a few linear elements inspired by organic forms that can be freely combined, it has an aluminum structure covered in fabric and removable and washable cushions.
  • Whose idea it is Ludovica+Roberto Paolomba, the designer couple who together founded the studio Serafini Associati. Courageous and always consistent, they gracefully examine everyday life and create products that elude trends and quickly become iconic examples of style.
  • We chose it because… The simple things are what last longest because they are able to adapt to the times and trends without ever getting old. And this modular sofa is also able to perfectly adapt to our needs and rhythms because, with just a few elements, it allows you to create countless combinations of comfort.



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