Fuji by Scarabeo, the bathroom console with character

Compact, light, functional and with a look which calls back to industrial style, this iron and wooden console, which can be customized with a washbasin of your choice, is perfect for the bathroom.


  • What it is Fuji by Scarabeo, the bathroom console.
  • What makes it special Minimal yet practical, it is a console under constant evolution. Initially built to hold a washbasin of the same collection, it now has been enhanced with a wooden top that fits any of the brand’s washbasins.
  • How it is made Available in two sizes (59 and 79 cm), it has an iron-rod structure which can be painted white, gray or matte black and a towel rack and wooden top in five different finishes (Alpaca, Cesio verde, Macassar, Rovere Brizzo and Rovere Nodato). Minimal and versatile, the Fuji console can be paired with twenty types of Scarabeo washbasins, which each come in 9 different colors.
  • Whose idea it is EMO Design, the international industrial design studio based in Italy with locations abroad. It is made up of a team of professionals and designers from around the world who create various types of products for extremely diverse markets. Speaking about themselves, they say “we do not simply create beautiful ideas, but we take great care in what we do and are aware of having one of the most beautiful professions in the world.”
  • We chose it because…Simple yet comfortable, this console is all you need to stylistically and functionally organize the washbasin space. In addition to its discrete lines which perfectly fit any style, it has a practical towel rack and countless finishes and variants which give the bathroom (even the smallest ones) a personal and customized touch.



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