Euromobil redesigns the atmosphere and wellness

COVER: Euromobil, Antis Kitchen “Re-design kitchen atmosphere”

Re-design kitchen atmosphere, the new slogan from Euromobil, the Veneto company which has been proposing a new vision of the kitchen world since 1972, carries on with its original concept “Kitchen Atmosphere”. The brand’s philosophy has always proven to be capable of designing domestic spaces which nourish body and soul with the right atmosphere.

 “This is a process that begins with our most beloved models like Antis, introducing new elements that redesign the kitchen space, also in light of the fact that the home is being redefined as a result of the public health crisis” explained architect Roberto Gobbo.

This modus operandi is this brand’s distinguishing characteristic. For almost 50 years Euromobil has dedicated studies and research to the heart of the home. Designing a kitchen means telling a story, offering a livable space, being in harmony with the home and those who live in it. This also goes for the environment surrounding us. At Euromobil the search for beauty and timeless design go hand in hand with respect for the environment, experimentation, and innovation. This has been true since the brand presented itself as a small but ambitious artisanal business in the 1970s. Back then the desire (and ability) to do things well and go big was already in its DNA, and Euromobil has not taken long to affirm itself as a high-quality brand throughout the world. Its kitchens not only improve the quality of our time and space, but they also know how to look towards tomorrow by offering us an outlook of a more sustainable future.

The secret is in its meticulous attention to details, which are at times unexpected, but are capable of making a difference at first glance. Just consider Antis’ countless finishes which, with an eye towards maximum customization, can be freely mixed for a beautiful and tailormade design – especially as they have been exclusively created with non-toxic water-based paint and are resistant, anti-fingerprint and anti-glare with a minimal environmental impact. One could also consider transversal elements like Ambrogio, the storage unit equipped with a backlit motorized roller shutter, or Kabin the cabinet with a sliding door without runners that allows for greater compositional freedom in order to accommodate any need.

In this way the kitchen gets perfectly integrated into the surrounding space by creating an enveloping atmosphere that establishes a style dedicated to wellness, for each one of us.


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