Circle, a well-rounded breakfast

The stylist Alessandra Facchinetti is sending us an implicit invitation to ease into the day with her Circle tableware collection which she designed for Editions Milano. It provides us with a way to enjoy the early morning ritual (but also a coffee break or tea with friends) and “complete the circle” in an impeccable balance of form and elegance.

In Facchinetti’s eyes, the art de la table takes on a rigorous and minimalist vocabulary which is, however, capable of being extremely expressive and even poetic. Inspired by the shape, the Circle collection is made up of five pieces of white porcelain (a teapot, sugar bowl, coffee cup, tea cup and mug) which emit a sense of peace and calm through their expressly exaggerated circular handle and instantly make our daily rituals more enjoyable.

The collection is an invitation to stop and reflect, as it embraces the joy of living slowly. “I believe that the circle is the perfect shape for giving off a sense of calm aesthetically,” explained the stylist from Bergamo who, after having worked for over 25 years with the major fashion houses (including Miu Miu, Gucci,Tod’s  and Valentino), is now making her debut in the world of tableware. And even if it is not her first foray in décor design (in the past she designed carpets and has always taken care of her own interior domestic spaces), Circle marks her official debut in this sector of design.

There is no doubt that Circle’s courageous and out-of-scale handles have instantly made a mark with their modern interpretation of an ancient material like porcelain, their disproportionate yet harmonious look, and their ability to give off that family feeling we love to have nearby, especially at breakfast. “I was looking for that disruptive element which could create the perfect harmony of forms,” declared Facchinetti while paraphrasing a concept which is dear to Mendini, adding: “to be interesting, an object must contain a mistake and cause an emotional reaction…I make sure that the use of my object, or even just by looking at them, inspires the creation of a ritual.”

Indeed, Alessandra Facchinetti has concentrated on the ritual of breakfast here. “I choose a cup like I choose an outfit: based on how I feel that day. My favorite was designed in the Sixties by Gio Ponti: a perfect, minimalist, with just two thin red and gold stripes on the edges”. Simply yet bold, just like the Circle cups, which are minimal and white, but have various finishes in the interior and exterior and those circle which attract the eyes.



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