A Zalf home is fit for teleworking

Welcoming, functional and dedicated to wellness. This is how places of work must be according to Zalf, the Italian brand of the Euromobil group which has dedicated an entire collection to the office in Pratico Office.

However, due to the current public health crisis, the classic office has given way to teleworking, and we are all struggling to figure how to best organize a work space at home. Creating the ideal workstation is not simple. It must be well-organized, yet also discrete and elegant, as it must perfectly fit into our domestic world. Plus, it must perfectly respond to our necessities, conform to our lifestyle, and change when needed.

Zalf has also considered this with two work corners in its Spacemakers line, the new system that changes the paradigms of furniture by generating more space with its Suspended Desk and Windy Walk-in Closet.

The Suspended Desk is made up of a surface and a vertical rectangular back that covers part of the wall where it is attached. Minimal and space-saving, it has no supports or legs that take up space and allows one to take advantage of every centimeter, even in smaller rooms or hallways.

On the other hand, the Windy Walk-in Closet is an open-shelving unit made up of ceiling and wall poles, with LED lights on the side, glass shelves and a surface that acts as a desk. Elegant and discrete, it is perfect both in the living room and bedroom as it can be perfectly integrated into the home’s style.

Versatility, elegance and style are the strengths of these pieces of furniture. They are able to offer unconventional solutions that are dedicated to extreme functionality and a new, flawless style in home design.

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