A star’s look: Nice Total Black by Fantini

In the first version of the collection, it was cheerful and fresh with polished chrome and accompanied by jelly-colored handles. In 2020, unrolling a common thread of water with respect for the environment from the factory’s magical atmosphere on Lake Orta into our homes, it puts on its evening wear and is ready to be introduced into our wellness rooms with a more refined minimalist look.

  • What it is  Nice Total Black, the mixer of the Nice tap collection by Fantini proposed in a new matte black finish.
  • What makes it special  With a minimal design and form coming from the designers’ work of eliminating everything superfluous in order to arrive to the stripped-down simplicity of an object, in its Total Black version Nice adds a further reduction: the absence of color. The purity of its form remains as an homage to the essence and beauty of water.
  • How it is made  There are two versions of the Nice tap: the single-hole mixer operated by rotating and flexing the head-mounted transparent acrylic handle and the three-hole washbasin mixer with a curved spout and two separated handles. Made in translucent acrylic, the handles create ever-changing optical effects that play with the matte black finish of the spout—created thanks to special non-toxic and biocompatible treatments.
  • Whose idea it is  The Nice collection is a project designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez. The former is a South Tyrolean designer and architect (one of the founders, together with Ettore Sottsass, of the Memphis group) and the latter a Spanish product designer. They have been partners of the architecture and design studio Matteo Thun & Partners in Milan since 2003. For Matteo Thun, an internationally-renowned designer and winner of countless design awards, sustainability has always been a prerequisite for every project, large or small, from architecture to the design of a tap collection.
  • We chose it because…  We admit that more often than not the tap is one of the last things we notice in the bathroom, as long as it is not a truly over-the-top mixer. However, in the case of Nice Total Black the rule of sober and refined haute couture is maintained. It seems to do everything to not get noticed with super-clean lines and a total black look; and yet thanks to its refined minimalism, it inevitably becomes the star of the scene.



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