36e8 Glass by LAGO: the sideboard gets customized

COVER: Lago, 36e8 Glass storage – design Daniele Lago

Monolithic, deconstructed, totemic or compact, Lago’s new contemporary and luxurious sideboards, which can be customized, are the umpteenth evolution of grandma’s classic piece of furniture.

  • What it is 36e8 Glass by Lago, the new sideboard collection.
  • What makes it special This modular sideboard can be “assembled” as you wish: horizontal or vertical, with modules in illuminated glass, and in transparent or fumé glass. It is a piece of furniture which reinterprets the aesthetic canons of the past and highlights the practical elegance of the sideboard with its countless combinations.
  • How it is made It represents the evolution of the LAGO line of sideboards which, thanks to their revolutionary modularity, are dynamic, light and customizable solutions. The 36e8 Glass sideboard collection includes containers with a 45° angle construction enhanced by transparencies and exquisite details. It comes in a horizontal version (which recalls the volumes of classic sideboards) or a vertical version, like a display cabinet or bar furniture. All of the glass modules are available in three finishes: transparent, fumé grey or fumé bronze and are accessorized with a built-in lighting system.
  • Whose idea it is Daniele Lago, the family company’s CEO born in 1972. Flexibility and dynamic design are the keywords with which he pushes the creation of modular furniture in order to provide custom solutions. His strengths lie in his experimentation, customization and daring. In fact, his projects are always aesthetically and functionally exemplary, but most of all capable of evolving by following contemporary design with personality.
  • We chose it because… The sideboard reawakens family memories and takes us back to grandma’s home. However, we must admit that the idea of dusting off an old piece of furniture is a bit at odds with our contemporary mood. The perfect solution: a super-contemporary version which reawakens that warm homely atmosphere, but with a modern and custom style that makes us want one in every room.


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