30 candles for La Cupola by Alessi, a designer moka for all

Happy thirtieth birthday to La Cupola, the moka by Alessi – designed in 1988 by Aldo Rossi. The architect Aldo Rossi considered the moka as the perfect blend of architecture and domesticity, in fact this timeless icon is the proof.

With ancestors such as Bialetti, coffee paraphernalia has always loomed large at Alessi. In fact, throughout the years, Alessi has manufactured a large number of iconic pieces and La Cupola is undoubtedly the archetypal moka, a bestseller that sold over one million pieces. “A coffee maker for all” this was Aldo Rossi’s dream and La Copula was his last masterpiece, born from an in-depth analysis of the world of coffee and its paraphernalia, conducted by the architect himself from 1980 (La Cupola was preceded by La Conica).

Elegant and timeless, in die-cast aluminium with plastic handles and knob, La Cupola is an icon of contemporary industrial design that perfectly satisfied the taste of the general public. Currently still popular, La Cupola’s appeal is down to its strong design, transforming it in a veritable, tiny piece of architecture for the table. So, it’s no coincidence that Aldo Rossi’s original drawing shows La Cupola beside the San Gaudenzio dome in Novara, designed by Alessandro Antonelli.

Provocation or inspiration? A moka is undoubtedly one of those items you cannot live without out (especially if you’re Italian). And La Cupola is perfect for turning a simple coffee break into a state-of-the-art ritual.



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